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DUBSADO: Client Management Software for Photographers and Creatives | Calgary Wedding Photographers

February 25, 2019

When someone asks me my biggest piece of advice for a small business owner, my first answer is always “get organized.”

When I first started this crazy little business of mine 10 years ago, I knew absolutely nothing about anything. About 4 years ago when I started taking this seriously I realized I really needed something to keep me organized. Three and a half years ago, I forgot a session. That’s when I signed up for Tavé. The software was ok, and the customer service was pretty horrific, but for the time being I needed that software. 6 months into me using Tavé, I heard of this company called Dubsado. Dubsado was brand new (like, I joined them when they were 3 weeks old), but immediately I was sold. Becca and her husband Jake were SO active in the community of people (40 of us at the time?!) who were using their software, their baby they had created out of love and need in the industry.

Since then, Dubsado has grown leaps and bounds, and in spirit of feeling like a proud parent, I’m writing this post to hopefully convert some of you HoneyBook, 17Hats, and Tave users. Those of you who truly know me know I have a no BS-approach to business, and I wouldn’t rave about something that I don’t love. When I say Dubsado has changed my life, I am speaking 100% truthfully.

Why I Switched from Tave to Dubsado

At the time that I was switching from Tavé to Dubsado, there wasn’t a whole lot of difference. In fact, I think Dubsado actually had LESS features than Tavé… but what sold me was the customer service and user interface. As mentioned above, Becca and Jake are absolutley incredible people, and their UI was minimalistic and modern. Simplicity is key in my business, and I love that Dubsado doesn’t over complicate things.

How I use Dubsado to Manage my Business

Below I’m going to share some screenshots of my Dubsado homepage and the pages inside Dubsado so you can get a real look into how this powerful CMS/CRM operates without diving right in and paying for it (but they do offer a no-time-limit 3 client trial ;))
I have removed any of my financial information as well as client info.
Dubsado Home Page
This page features:
Financial Goals – you can enter a financial goal for the year or month, and every time you log in you’ll be able to see how close you are to reaching that goal.
Invoice Balances – how much money you have outstanding based on invoices entered.
Revenue Indicator – here you can see your rolling balance this month vs last month.
Notification box – in this box you can see how many payments are outstanding, how many contracts you as the creative need to counter sign and how many workflows need approval (this is one feature of Dubsado I don’t use).

Below these boxes you have a calendar overview with your upcoming events, and even lower than that (which I can’t capture in a screenshot) you have a tasks box, and a financial overview box showing your income, expenses and profit. As a small business owner this is insanely important, especially when calculating your CODB.

If I click on the “projects” tab to the left on the home page, I see a list of all jobs, past and current. On this page I can also see the client name, date, invoice balance and if they’ve signed their contract all at a glance. This is SUPER helpful if you don’t want to spend your time going into each and every client to check their balance.

Inside of each client you can see their invoices, agreements, sub-agreements, questionnaires, notes you’ve made, tasks to do with that client and more. You guys, I could not imagine running this business of mine without Dubsado in place.

Why I think You need Dubsado

I could truly go on for hours but no one has time for that. In summary, I’ve gathered up 8 points on why YOU need Dubsado in your business.
1. They offer a no-time-limit, 3 client trial.
That means as long as you only have three clients or less, it’s FREE. The whole thing, workflows, contracts, invoices, questionnaires, scheduler, EVERYTHING is free.

2. Community.
The Dubsado community is incredible. They offer a Dubsado Client’s FB group and the amount of support in that group is next-level. I’ve not seen one judgemental comment, and there is people in that group from a world of different industries offering up suggestions.

3. No Branding
Dubsado doesn’t stick their branding all over your contracts, portals, emails and more. You can even change the colours of headings and text your clients will see to match your business.

4. Workflows
Make your business work for you. In all honesty, this is the only part of Dubsado I don’t use but y’all… you can make Dubsado work FOR YOU. That means you don’t have to be at your computer all the time. Dubsado workflows are triggered events, which means you can set the trigger so that as soon as a contract is signed, it’ll send a request for a retainer payment. As soon as the retainer is paid, you can trigger it to send an email thanking them for booking. You can even set triggers for certain dates… so 6 months before the event date, you can send them an email checking in… all without actually ever touching your emails. Dubsado will do this for you.

5. Constant Updates
I guarantee you that you cannot be logged into Dubsado for 24 hours without seeing a “Your dashboard is out of date” pop up in the corner. This means Dubsado has updated something or added a new feature. I have been with them for 3 years and the amount of new updates and/or features they’ve added in that time is mindblowing.

6. Customer Service
In addition to the incredible Facebook group, they also have a live chat available and Cameron from the Dubsado team offers free set-up calls.

7. Integration.
As if they don’t offer enough of their own incredible features, Dubsado currently integrates with:

8. Dubsado is crazy affordable.
At only $30 a month or $300 a year (and you’re locked into that rate forever!) you get all of the incredible features I’ve mentioned and even more. And Dubsado has even been kind enough to offer me/you a discount code! Discount code: nicoledelaine

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